request #13466 Filter for Scrum Cardwall
    Eric Kirschner (kirei)
    2019-06-07 15:13
    2019-06-06 14:24
    Filter for Scrum Cardwall
    Be able to filter the Scrum Cardwall would make the Cardwall much easier to work with.

    Examples are:
    - Hide closed User Storys
    - Hide Tasks which are not assigned to myself
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    CentOS 6
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      I'm deeply worried, that even basic features will be enterprise-only

      Just the filtering is not that basic but I won't nit-pick on that.

      Cardwall is there since a long time (5+ year maybe) and was made with the technologies available at this date (yay prototypejs). We cannot safetly add new features there without a massive work so it's time to move on. So, even if the feature you ask us to implement for free is "small", it should be part of a larger overall (the epic @marieange shared). If you are curious, you can look a the technical details and the early implementation breakdown. You can see there is a large amount of stuff to be done.

      This stuff to be done, we need to finance it. We are not google or facebook, we are targeting users with ads or selling there private data. That's a sad but we don't have people that stop by the office to throw money at us.

      Why offer a Community version at all

      I hear your concern but I's unfair. If I only take what was done since the beginning of the year:

      • Git LFS is available of everybody
      • The full rewamp of the Tracker Workflow is available of everybody
      • The 2 new post actions are available of everybody
      • All the underlying docman REST work is available of everybody
      • The new project categorization is available of everybody
      • The new project permission level is available of everybody

      And at the end of the day, if you want to implement the feature by yourself on top of existing cardwall because its a basic feature, your contribution would be welcomed !

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      Actually we will have the legacy cardwall and the fancy one living side by side.
      Basic feature plugin will be Tuleap Enterprise only untill we have a full funding for it.
      When it will fund, the legacy plugin will be removed and the new one will be a part of community.

      Basic features are not removed we still fully support them, but we won't add any new feature.
      That means that bug fixes and security issues will be done as usual.
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      Hello Marie,
      thanks for clearing this up!
      These are sad news. I'm deeply worried, that even basic features will be enterprise-only. Why offer a Community version at all... Does not make sense anymore.
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      A full refactoring of carwall is planned and should be started soon, this will be a Tuleap enterprise plugin
      (epic #13403)

      We do not plan to add more feature on the legacy one.

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