Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2019-10-17 00:00)

    Referencing rel #13800

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #13893 Worker can not reconnect to a password protected Redis when the socket timeout is reached
    request #13896 Workers message processing are delayed
    request #13897 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.1
    request #13898 Build documentation with Python 3
    request #13900 Pull requests alert messages on the main view have two icons
    request #13901 OpenGraph content should not display HTML tag soup
    request #13895 Document warning are raised in console
    request #13920 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.2
    request #13918 No need to name our plugin after Plugin.class.php
    request #13852 OpenList field is cleared during a masschange
    request #13934 Bad request when I try to create a File via the new Document UI Modal
    request #12597 Add cypress tests on new document plugin
    request #13062 Add docman statistics on home page
    request #13907 Add kanban statistics on home page
    request #13910 In project admin ugroups, users are displayed without their status
    request #13936 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.3
    request #13937 Build the Tuleap Vault plugin with Go 1.13
    request #13902 Enforce all PSR-2 rules that can be autofixed by PHP_CodeSniffer
    request #13821 In new UI notification is not sent when user add a new file under a folder user monitor
    request #13891 Gather more metrics about Tuleap backend
    request #13939 REST test suite runner segfault when tests of external plugins are executed
    request #13941 ugroup_utils raise errors when root_daily needs to check users permissions
    request #13851 Add a new CLI command to refresh SVN accessfiles repositories
    request #13885 Tracker templates should not promote legacy color palette
    request #13899 Transition buttons appear above field values on hover
    request #13942 we should not remove automatically trailing spaces for jest snapshot
    request #13908 Add agiledashboard statistics on home page
    request #13940 Update to vimeo/psalm 3.5.3
    request #13943 Remove all file level phpcs ignore annotations
    request #12988 Lack of focus indicator on TLP checkboxes
    request #13944 export_project_xml raise errors
    request #13951 Get rid of bower in external plugins
    request #13880 We should not let users update manually the color of columns
    request #13892 On new UI, user without read permission can not request to admin, the possibility to see it
    request #13950 Unrecognized user reference when the login includes a hyphen
    request #13949 Legacy notification link do not properly redirect user
    request #13956 Add phpcs:ignore annotation for plugins
    request #13955 Download of a file or a patch is polluted by some HTML content
    request #13958 Bump phpcompatibility/php-compatibility to 9.3.1
    request #13807 No access is logged when user accesses a document on the new UI
    request #13932 kanban tooltip does not display the correct values
    request #13959 Exclude test files from gettext extraction
    request #13700 Error 500 when undefined type in tracker XML import
    request #13961 PerTrackerId field should be exported in csv
    request #13964 Column sort in tracker reports is not respected anymore
    request #13966 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.4
    request #13967 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.5
    request #13962 Tuleap workers are not started properly by Tuleap backend
    request #13919 Convert simpletest db integration tests to phpunit
    request #13992 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.6
    request #13960 Error XML with chart when export tracker structure
    request #13993 tooltips reloads page when reference fails
    request #13987 Cannot stop httpd due to tuleap worker
    request #13994 Update browserslist to 4.7.0 and caniuse-lite to 1.0.30000999
    request #13996 Loss of history when emptying an list field
    request #13968 Drop support of Gerrit before 2.8
    request #13965 Changes sort on shared fields must be repercussed on all linked fields
    request #13988 Git sort alphabetically as anonymous triggers error 500
    request #14002 Upgrade vue-gettext dependency to 2.1.5
    request #14009 Notification action must not be displayed for anonymous user
    request #14026 Missing call to autoload in scrip extract_service_usage