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I can find a particular card

See mockup on codepen: https://s.codepen.io/enalean/debug/615728ad14def79e9b694647c582ce16

Functional overview

When I type in the "search input" on the right of the taskboard's actions bar, cards are filtered and only cards that match what I type are shown.
The search term is highlighted on the card to show the user how the matching was done.

Matching to be defined: probably close to Planning. Planning matches backlog item on all card fields. It also takes "children" into account : here, we will want to show the swimlanes when a child card matches the search term.

UX to be refined:

  • If a "parent" card matches the search term, are all its children shown ?
  • What does the highlighting look like on card fields ?
  • What happens for collapsed columns ?
  • What happens for collapsed swimlanes ?

Technical overview

Be mindful that users can drag and drop into a filtered taskboard. As we usually maintain two models, one that contains "all cards" and one that contains "filtered cards", drag and drop should modify those two models.

To be done
Joris MASSON (jmasson)
2019-10-16 17:33
2019-10-16 17:33


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