story #14190 get email notifications on pull requests - first stage
get email notifications on pull requests - first stage
I know when I got something to review

This is the first stage of notifications related to pull requests, the full feature target can be seen in request #11105.


Add / remove reviewers

After having created a PR, on the PR view, there is a list of reviewers that is empty.

I can click on "Edit" to add people from their usernames. An autocompleter is available. Raw email address can not be added.

It's possible to remove reviewers with the same process.

"Owner" of the PR is automatically part of the notification list. Who is "owner":

  • creator of PR
  • commit author => NO, we don't want to notify linux kernel contributors
  • push author



There is a check of permissions as well as an email de-duplication at sending time to avoid leaking informations.

The code should also respect "Truncated Emails"

Notifications are handled with Backend Workers (Redis) whenever possible to avoid slowdown on push/comment & co.

Content of the notification to be defined

  1. On reviewer added:
    1. commit summary (id, shortlog)
    2. link to the PR
  2. On comment:
    1. link to the PR
    2. comments + context (file, line)
  3. On push:
    1. link to the PR
    2. shortlog of modified files (/!\ force push)
  4. Merge/abandon
    1. link to the PR
    2. status of PR

Bonus: The information of reviewers added/removed is displayed in the PR log

  • [x] Does it involves User Interface? 
  • [x] Are there any mockups?
  • [x] Are permissions checked?
  • [x] Does it need Javascript development?
  • [x] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
  • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
  • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
  • [ ] Is it exploratory?
Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
2019-12-20 13:06
2019-11-18 11:37

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