story #17182 reference tuleap artifacts in gitlab merge requests
reference tuleap artifacts in gitlab merge requests

Follow-up of art #17181:

  • When a developer creates a Merge Request (MR) in gitlab, gitlab triggers a webhook in Tuleap
  • The webhooks creates a cross-reference "gitlab-mr" is the MR contains a reference like tuleap-XXXX (case insensitive) and XXXX is an artifact id in the project.
  • In artifact view, the cross reference is displayed (table)
  • The Tuleap Pull Requests are updated to match the same display.

Link back from GitLab to Tuleap:

  • When a MR is open with a tuleap-XXXX reference, Tuleap create a comment on the MR with a link back to Tuleap
  • When a commit (as of art #17178) contains a tuleap-XXXX reference, Tuleap create a comment on the commit with a link back to Tuleap

Those link back need to update the way the GitLab token is handled at Tuleap side. One should use a project token and this token must be persisted in Tuleap DB

  • [ ] Does it involves User Interface? 
  • [ ] Are there any mockups?
  • [ ] Are permissions checked?
  • [ ] Does it need Javascript development?
  • [ ] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
  • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
  • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
  • [ ] Is it exploratory?
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2021-02-04 14:00
2020-10-07 11:22

Referencing story #17182

Git commit


Get Merge Request Payload 71e833fa37
Extract parser references f920c424a8
Parse Merge Request (Title, description) 664f199542
Refacto to use same way to build WebhookData 92487c42b2
Comment commit automatically 38037d94b3
Insert GitLab bot API token 096208720b
Display GitLab cross reference in project admin 2ecf4f448c
Display raw merge request d3ec72b825
Add missing gitlab_mr in the list of references in project admin 8cd752702e
Update bot api token 8bc3ea4aca
Merge GitlabMergeRequestReferenceBuilder and GitlabCommitReferenceBuilder c0b664d7e0
Add missing index on plugin_gitlab_commit_info table 7b5ccaf7f5
gitlab_repository_id, gitlab_repository_id everywhere 806752c667
Deletion of a GitLab repository should delete its commits 5a64e47101
Rename full_url column/variable 15627a176f
Enhance PR cross references display e3f000f7a2
Display title of Merge request xRef e231c3c816
Put trash icon under a cog dropdown 9958449c8f
Bot to automatically comment on a merge request 73d9d98071
Display state of merge request as a badge in xref 34ece0e85d
Updates MR data if it was already saved in DB f5f6e9124c
Get form modal to replace token a9a68cac8e
Store GitLab webhook id 959fad701c
Extract sending of a comment to a dedicated object a4cfb62683
Can replace project token bc54e76d12
Display "API token (personal or project)" instead of "API project token" in UI 56ea3e1964
Smarter A.I. for commenter bot a957ee9429
Delete modal body should not be red e64507a45c
REST route to regenerate webhook secret 0eb83d8ed9
Sort references in comment 0ba610209b
Extract parsing of title+description in dedicated object f2aa7ec06a
Automatically regenerate a hook when token is updated 2774f1f645
Retrieve previously saved references in a dedicated object c6990e79aa
Remove GitLab webhook when deleting last integration in Tuleap 26252961f9
Display MR creation date fab1f56ec5
Move creation of cross references out of processor 2f783ffc8a
Can regenerate webhook secret from UI 06c31c6388
Webhook was not deleted when token is updating 22ca744531
Add fa-tlp-webhooks icon 003b1dfbbe
Use brand new fa-tlp-webhooks 2da00b42d5
Warn project admins that GitLab credentials are invalid f0986fe563
Use same git url in notification than in UI ae6c688a70
Display GitLab merge request author a958adc031
Unused property on PostMergeRequestWebhookAuthorDataRetriever class 58bdd744f8
Update badge color according to MR/PR status 93e62fcc4f
Use input[type=password] for GitLab access token c84d02fbba
Use Gitlab Access token instead Gitlab token a7b4394d1d
Try to hint browsers and password managers they should not save the GL token 5a7550762e


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gerrit #21334 integrated into Tuleap

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