request #28299 Absolute links opens a new tab
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2022-11-17 18:00
    2022-09-12 10:18
    Absolute links opens a new tab

    Whenever an absolute link is present in a page, it will open a new tab. Is it possible to change this behavior so links loads in the same page ?

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    Robert Vogel (rvogel)
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)


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    I finally got the final answer, as far as I can tell, there is a cache of the page. Just removing $GLOBALS['wgExternalLinkTarget'] = '_blank'; in /usr/share/mediawiki-tuleap-flavor/LocalSettings.Tuleap.php is a first step but the page must be edited, then links are no longer _blank.

    gerrit #27243 in review.

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    i tried this locally, and it works. Please try to put it and the very end of LocalSettings.php, to make sure nothing overrides Also, did you try with links from the default main page? its possible that those have target hardcoded (not sure how that content was created). Try adding [https://google.com] on some random page and test with that link.

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    I tried:

    • Removing $GLOBALS['wgExternalLinkTarget'] = '_blank';
    • Setting $GLOBALS['wgExternalLinkTarget'] = false;

    Both in /usr/share/mediawiki-tuleap-flavor/LocalSettings.Tuleap.php without luck. Links still opens in new tabs

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    This is controlled by config variable $GLOBALS['wgExternalLinkTarget']. By default its set to _blank, which is why it opens links in new tab (not sure who or why set it like that). To disable it, remove line $GLOBALS['wgExternalLinkTarget'] = '_blank'; from LocalSettings.Tuleap.php or, if not present, set this variable to false.