request #28829 Tuleap Skin improvements (as of Tuleap 14.0)
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2023-02-16 11:19
    2022-09-15 09:55
    Tuleap Skin improvements (as of Tuleap 14.0)

    Follow-up of art #27566

    @bdauton checked the global MW style on Tuleap Here are some points to fix:

    1. Breadcrumb must look like the breadcrumb in Tuleap
    2. The search field should look like the standard TLP search field, not the small one:

      height: var(--tlp-form-element-height);
      padding: 0 15px 0 33px;
      background-position: 13px center;

    3. Tools button: left and right padding should be var(--tlp-medium-spacing)
    4. .title-section bottom padding should be var(--tlp-medium-spacing)
    5. Edit toolbar:
      1. There should be no left and right margins
      2. Please apply these two changes: border: 0; box-shadow: var(--tlp-sticky-header-shadow);
    6. "Save changes…" button should look like a disable button when it's disable:

      border-color: transparent;
      background: var(--tlp-main-color-lighter-30);
      color: var(--tlp-white-color-transparent-40);

    7. Favicon color must be theme dependent (also in page edition mode)

    In addition to that, we got bunch of questions related to features available in dropdown and that might not be relevant. We should remove:

    • From "Tools"
      • Special Pages
      • Watch/Unwatch (as there are no email notification it's a bit useless)
      • (then I don't know if it's relevant to keep one Tool drodown just for "Upload file") WDYT ?
    • From "MediaWiki Account"
      • Talk
      • Watchlist


    Mediawiki Standalone
    • [ ] enhancement
    • [ ] internal improvement
    Benjamin Dauton (bdauton_enalean), Robert Vogel (rvogel)
    Miriam Schlindwein (mschlindwein)
    Referencing request #28829


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    I confirm theme switch and favicon are OK. Let's close, thanks !

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    • Close date set to 2023-02-16
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    @mschlindwein the variant name is now part of the styles key as variant_name. You can refer to it to serve the correct favicon.

    I'm not sure the redirect would be the best option (if we ever change the path for some reason it will break). Importing each favicon would be more robust IMHO.

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    Currently I don't have any information about the used theme flavor in TuleapSkin.

    Yep, we need to add that in 3rd_party_integration rest route first. I'll do the patch and keep you updated. Thx for the feedback.

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    Currently I don't have any information about the used theme flavor in TuleapSkin. Could you provide the user-preference-theme information in the REST-Call with sidebar and styles? Then I could add a redirect to /themes/BurningParrot/images/favicon/{user-preference-theme} and set the corresponding favicon. Or we do it like you suggested with the different favicon but there is also the need of knowing which theme is used.

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    I forgot to update on this. What if we provide you the different favicon (one for each theme flavor) to be intregrated in TuleapSkin and the you switch the favicon according to the theme ?

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    There's a favicon, but it's the wrong one:

    • when I browse Mediawiki, the favicon display in the browser tab is this one: /favicon.ico
    • when I browse other services, the displayed favicon comes from this folder: /themes/BurningParrot/images/favicon/{user-preference-theme}