Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2022-12-07 00:00)

    Referencing rel #29213

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #29600 First added line is hidden in collapsed block
    request #29601 Use label for GitLab group selection
    request #29599 Reorder of TTM steps is broken
    request #29606 GMT is not listed in available user timezones
    request #29608 Let Git commands failures exceptions be logged
    request #29610 Importing artifact CSV content with datetimes using - throw a PHP fatal error
    request #28299 Absolute links opens a new tab
    request #29612 hybrids: 8.0.2 -> 8.1.8
    request #29616 Move artifact must process synchronous deletion
    request #29615 Forbid MediaWiki admin to create user accounts
    request #29603 Update dev/build environment [W47 2022]
    request #29278 Let the FTS backends deal with the transformation of the usual content format
    request #29620 Newly added file-diff comment disappears when we switch diff mode
    request #29621 Vitest: 0.23.4 -> 0.25.3
    request #29623 Move @tuleap/plugin-gitlab-linked-group to Vitest
    request #29617 Avoid hard crashes when browsing to a Git repository with an invalid reference
    request #29618 Meilisearch: 0.29.0 -> 0.29.2
    request #29265 Split the build of git plugin frontend assets into multiple apps
    request #29629 Require 1 blank line between PHP class methods
    request #29626 Artifact with no global rank is not displayed in artifact links
    request #29631 REST endpoint artifacts/:id/changesets is slow when many changesets exist
    request #29632 Pagination max limit is not enforced on REST endpoint artifacts/:id/changesets
    request #29638 Run nix-daemon in external plugins CI
    request #29637 Link packages through `workspace:` protocol
    request #29642 Project "homepage" does not correctly verify permissions
    request #29633 Meilisearch: 0.29.2 -> 0.30.0
    request #28278 Permissions errors come with a dropdown and tools
    request #29649 Docker image should have a way to declare the exposed SSH port
    request #29648 Crash when using `tuleap full-text-search:index-all-pending-items` with no pending items
    request #29645 MediaWiki standalone readers can also edit pages
    request #29968 scroll-to-comment js error when comment is on last line
    request #29967 TestManagement template files are absent in production deployment
    request #29969 Jira import plugin should list Project Milestones plugin as dependency
    request #22660 Run Tuleap with MySQL 8.0
    request #29978 "None" value cannot be hidden message is misleading