story #7169 Create items in backlog without reload
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Create items in backlog without reload
I have a very reactive interface and I don't have to wait for page reload
I can create/edit tasks one after another very quickly

I can create new items of all supported types in backlog

Does it involves User Interface? , Are there any mockups?, Are permissions checked?, Does it need Javascript development?
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2015-03-05 10:03
2014-07-03 17:26



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    We discussed the point by email but I forgot to update the story accordingly, sorry about that.

    During implementation of the feature, we first thought it was possible to re-use the work already done on modal for planning v1 but it proved to be a wrong path. To make a long story short, with AngularJS, it's a very bad practice to embed existing HTML and no angular javascript scripts "on the fly". We managed to make something for the backlog part but the code is brittle, this is not a sustainable solution for artifact creation/edit (as it will be used on Planning v2, Kanban, and all futur Angluar developments).

    There is a dedicated epic to cover all the things (epics #7856)

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      -Create and edit cards without reload 
      +Create items in backlog without reload 
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    Hi, Edit was not implemented as part of this release. Has it been planned?

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    I have a question related to this story. We are running v2.10 here and in the Sprint Planning V2 screen I still cannot edit/modify the contents of stories that are displayed. I can create new stories but there is no way to edit an existing story, just like we can do with the traditional planning view.

    Was it an oversight?
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