request #8756 Revoked token should no longer be usable
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2017-02-03 17:12
    2016-01-06 16:05
    Revoked token should no longer be usable
    As of today a revoked token is valid until something affect apache config and the server is restarted.

    Cache invalidation is only possible with server restart as of today so to avoid to let in user'ss hands an acceptable tradeof would be to force server restart during system check if one token was invalidated.

    Technical information:
    * cache lifetime and number of users cached by repo will be configurable by a siteadmin. When a parameter is modified, codendi_svnroot.conf must be regenerated.
    * default cache lifetime is 5mn and default number of users cached is 10
    * granularity of cache lifetime parameter is minute
    * if cache lifetime is set to 0 mn, a user in cache is not authenticated again until the cache is cleared
    * cache lifetime is set by user and not for the entire cache. The cache will not be cleared completely at the end of the lifetime, only user older than this lifetime will be invalidated and authenticated again.
    * same values are used by the plugin
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    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2016-02-02 14:14

    I have added some information in the original submission to know how this request should be fixed.

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    Sounds good, however, the cache TTL should be configurable (5mn might be too low on heavily loaded servers)
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    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2016-01-21 16:09
    I'm afraid the proposed way could be costly especially you have a lot of users playing with SVN tokens.
    May I propose an intermediate solution: do you think is it acceptable to invalidate the whole cache every five minutes for example? This means when a SVN token is revoked in the worst case scenario his remaining lifetime is 5mn.

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