request #8938 Move/Copy artifact to another project
    Markus Mehrwald (mme)
    2020-12-24 16:48
    2016-03-04 13:35
    Move/Copy artifact to another project

    I want to be able to copy and/or move an arifact to another project (like export and import again) if the structure allows it. 

    CentOS 6
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    Patricia Carrasco (pcar), Emilio Palmiero (empa), Stephan Bill (stephanbill)
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      Given that there are no more answer in this request, I think we can close it.

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      Move is now available as of Tuleap 10.4

      But there are neither funding nor interested developer for "copy" so far (hence no plans)

      To move forward you can either contribute code to add the feature or to get in touch with us (Enalean) to contribute to OpenRoadmap funding.

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      Hi everybody

      The request is for move/copy artifacts but I just see Epic for move action and we are very interested in copy action (we use public trackers for client access only and intern trackers for developer jobs). When will it be available ?

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      Hi everybody,

      We have created a dedicated Epic to explain how we intend to address this point w/ respect to Tuleap "idioms" (art #9563).

      Feel free to join the discussion, esp. on the general principles.

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      Markus Mehrwald (mme)2016-10-06 15:15
      Thank you for your email. I am out of the office until 10th of October 2016 and will have no access to my emails at this time. Your email will not be forwarded automatically.

      I will latest review your message following my return on 10th of October 2016.

      Thank you for your understanding.
      Best regards,
      Markus Mehrwald
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      • CC list set to Patricia Carrasco (pcar), Stephan Bill (stephanbill), Emilio Palmiero (empa)
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      It's likely to be splitted at sometime (and turned into user stories) but let's start discussion here.

      First thing, as mentioned by Markus, there is one thing to take into account: tracker structure. As tracker structures might not be similar during the process, how can we deal with that ?

      • We need to be able to compare 2 strucutres (probably based on field names + types)
        • When the source tracker is an identifcal copy (or subset) of the target tracker no problems.
        • Otherwise do we, simply trash the data that cannot be copied or do we propose to "map" them somehow ?
      • We need to decide what to do with permissions:
        • When I copy, do I also copy stuff I cannot see (I don't even know that I'm copying them) ?
        • Otherwise, is it acceptable to loose data during copy ?
      • We need to decide what to do with children
        • Do we want to copy the artifact and it's children ? if yes what should be the behaviour ?

      Second thing about move.

      In Tuleap trackers, nothing gets deleted (we make it hard to delete actually perform an artifact deletion, reserved to errors). The pattern is to use a special status to "mark as deleted".

      On move, do we want to actually move and then delete the original artifact or copy + "mark as deleted" would be acceptable ?

      • Reported in version cleared values: 8.10
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      Wayne Beaton (wayne)2016-08-31 17:32
      Having the ability to very quickly reassign an issue to a different bucket is a critical feature for adoption by the Eclipse Foundation. I haven't become familiar enough with Tuleap yet to make any specific recommendations regarding workflow or make a contribution. I'll continue my investigation and help where I can.