request #9007 Force compatibility mode for IE
    BEN MANSOUR Med Rafik (benm)
    2021-01-04 13:15
    2016-03-31 10:59
    Force compatibility mode for IE
    In order to ease our end users life, we want to force some compatibilities views under IE for its different version by using some meta tags cause the message added in the previous dev (#8711) is not well formatted (missing css when compatibility mode is active) and so not well visible to the end user.
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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2021-01-04 13:15
      Looks like this was fixed but anyway IE is no more supported.

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      gerrit #10814 integrated into Tuleap
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      last edited by: Yannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy) 2018-03-16 11:22
      A patch is under review to add this in default configuration: gerrit #10814
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      I've done a PR to keep a trace of this customization in our documentation: https://github.com/Enalean/tuleap-documentation-en/pull/80

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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2017-08-18 16:25
      Since this request is 1 year old and nothing has happened on this subject I'm going to close it. If this is still relevant, please manifest yourself here.

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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2016-05-02 12:10
      Something like should do the trick.

      I let you submit a pull request to add these information into the Tuleap documentation: https://github.com/Enalean/tuleap-documentation-en
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      Hmmm Seems fair to me, here is what i propose.

      LoadModule headers_module modules/mod_headers.so

      <IfModule headers_module>
      Header set X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge


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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2016-04-27 11:20
      I'm not in favor to integrate something specific to weird behaviors of Microsoft's browsers that only apply in some cases. Current specific checks will probably be dropped with incoming new developments.

      However this is something that completely have his place in the documentation as it should be handled with the insertion of a new HTTP header. You could propose the specific Apache configuration needed for that. I will happily accept a PR to update the documentation.
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      For now, our company's employees are using internet explorer 11(some website are accessible only with compatibility view), we want to disable the compatibility view automatically without notifying the user.

      We can extend this part for the older browsers if you want.
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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2016-04-21 16:42
      Can you please explain why this is needed for Internet Explorer 11 or Edge? I have an hard time seeing how this is necessary.

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      can you please review the change from here http://gerrit.tuleap.net/#/c/5429/
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