story #9281 define FRS global permissions
    project admin
    define FRS global permissions

    I can better control who access my releases and have a consistent interface to manage the people who can write

    • Replace the current global FRS permission (Admin/None in "User permissions" matrix) by a service based definition of Read and Write (based on groups instead of users).
      • For WRITE (admins), during conversion a user group will be automatically created (probably re-use already placeholder file_manager_admins) for all existing projects to group all users that were "FRS admin".
      • For READ (consumers), during the conversion, we should take into account platform & project visibility. For instance in a public project all registererd users can access the FRS but in a private project it's only project_members. For "public incl. restricted", it's authenticated users by default.
    • In FRS admin, there is a new section to define permissions for Read & Write (as for mediawiki)
      • By default, Read is granted to project_members
      • Write is granted to
        • "frs_administrators" for existing projects
        • for new projects, the group defined in the template project (if any, otherwise project_admins)

    Special notes

    • A special attention should be taken to not break all the elements that rely on FRS
      • Soap & CLI
      • REST
      • Webdav
    • If relevant/possible during development, a dedicated table to store permissions should be used to avoid clutter the existing permissions table.
    Juliana Leclaire (juliana), Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
    • [ ] Does it involves User Interface? 
    • [ ] Are there any mockups?
    • [ ] Are permissions checked?
    • [ ] Does it need Javascript development?
    • [ ] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
    • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
    • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
    • [ ] Is it exploratory?
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2016-08-22 10:55
    2016-06-24 10:33

    Referencing story #9281

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