Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2016-12-07 00:00)

    Referencing rel #9570

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9650 Correct label for modal in artifact links types administration
    request #9642 Statistics purge is too voicy
    request #9598 Get rid of nvd3 for cumulative flow diagram
    request #9654 artifactfolder fatal error on cardwall
    request #9593 Folders doesn't list things that are not directly connected to it
    request #9594 Folders display artifact twice when it also a child
    request #9661 Enhance scrum template used in AD user onboarding
    request #9666 New siteadmin is slow
    request #9667 SVN cache do not remove properly the oldest entry of the cache
    request #9673 Correct the name of scss file for Git in Siteadmin
    request #9674 gitolite config does not take into account %HOSTNAME if there is a lot of repository
    request #9677 Bad escaping of Markdown in Tuleap
    request #9676 XML xsd:int only deals with 32bits int
    request #9626 Fatal error when deleting a field used in a trigger
    request #9683 FLOAT(10,4) is not precise enough for big floats
    request #9686 Enable Apache's KeepAlive option for performance reason
    request #9689 Link to avatar or added attachment is wrong
    request #9690 Fatal error while deleting an artifact
    request #9669 Field changes not displayed in last changeset comment
    request #9685 Be able to collapse the new site admin sidebar
    request #9691 Plugins in site administration should be alphabetically ordered
    request #9682 Sorting a report stops working with more than 17 columns
    request #9448 User's session lifetime is only verified once each 24 hours
    request #9551 Burndown improvement
    request #9693 Display rounded avatars in email notifications
    request #9670 Increase contrast in BurningParrot
    request #9696 Artifact folder content tab not visible when no artifacts
    request #9698 Cannot change artifact folder
    request #9687 Remove specific CentOS5 configuration files
    request #9701 Add root editorconfig
    request #9649 Add provider button in OpenId Connect when there is no provider should be large
    request #9708 Service growth graph in project statistics not displayed
    request #9705 Site admin mass mail preview has no content
    request #9704 Site admin mass mail preview email is weird
    request #9709 Disk statistics per project are not visible to the project members
    request #9754 Cannot use newly created Project Categories (9.2)