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Artifact ID
Submitted On
36810SuperKanban2024-02-08 11:53Sandbox
36796Business Oriented Sidebar - Stage 22024-02-05 15:29Sandbox
33998Pull request new home page2023-08-24 15:18On going
32665Improved document generation2023-06-27 10:10Sandbox
32292Baseline v2 - Project Snapshot2023-06-08 16:00Stalled
30377Workspace setup helper2023-01-17 10:27On going
27562Tuleap realtime mercure2022-07-19 14:00On going
26790Integration with BI tools2022-05-16 14:21Stalled
26788Collaborative edition in Document2022-05-13 10:47Stalled
26756Service Desk2022-05-04 15:02Stalled
26755Mattermost Chatbots2022-05-04 15:00Stalled
24967Artifact links overhaul2022-01-04 17:25Stalled
24164Search in trackers2021-11-22 14:01Sandbox
22212Document Generation - Tracker Report2021-07-08 13:14Stalled
13410Cartography of prototypejs usage in artifact view2019-05-24 16:15Stalled
13401Artifact View goes Burning Parrot2019-05-23 10:19Stalled
11357GDPR2018-04-05 11:36Stalled
10407Cross tracker search2017-07-05 15:44On going
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