story #8337 set the truncated email at project level + FRS
site project admin
set the truncated email at project level + FRS

First story to setup the whole thing:

  • Web UI in project admin, accessible to site administrator
  • Default value is set in the template project and inherited on project creation
  • By default, the mails are NOT truncated
  • List of covered services (and excluded services if some are activated)
  • Changes are logged in project history
  • The notifications are truncated for FRS only in this story


Martin GOYOT (goyotm), Yannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
New class to manage truncated emails (MailSender, MailFactory, etc)
For truncated email, we need each service to provide: a service name and a link
Notification in service must be replaced by call to new notification classes

The mail is sent in HTML with a template showing that the mail is truncated
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2015-09-02 10:09
2015-08-14 16:57



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    Hello Nouha,

    As a site admin, go to the project administration -> edit public info. Here, you will see a new section named Truncated Emails where you will able to activate the feature.

    You can see the attached screenshot.

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    Martin, Yannis,

    Can you please assist Nouha ?

    • CC list set to Yannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy), Martin GOYOT (goyotm)
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    Hello team,

    could you please tell me from where can I enable the option?
    I am testing tuleap-

    thank you.
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      -project admin 
      +site project admin