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7075Mediawiki Summary page always emptyMediawikiNew7.0Mohamed Amin Doghri (doghrim)
7074Mediawiki "Create" Button or link not foundMediawikiNew7.0Mohamed Amin Doghri (doghrim)
7073Size of fields defined as Strings is not respected when editing an artifactTrackersAcknowledgedPatricia Carrasco (pcar)
7066PUT /artifacts/:id has issue with GMT datesAPI (SOAP|REST)New7.1Laurent Delaigue (ldelaigue)
6970Clean the Augean stablesUnder implementationNicolas Terray (nterray)
6965Remove of font size lead to notices in PFUser classNewManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
6940REST API - Dates of fields should not have timeAPI (SOAP|REST)Waiting for informationAllLaurent Delaigue (ldelaigue)
6927trcaker migration throws errors if tracker_date_reminder plugin is not installedTrackersNew7.0dylan bowden (dylan)
6925No gitwebSCM/GitNew7.0Mathieu OTHACEHE (mot)
6920systems still showing as RUNNING when FAILEDSite adminUnder implementationAlldylan bowden (dylan)
6891UI goes crazy when I add a chart on a report I should not be able to updateTrackersNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
6803Error when accessing Editin User Group PermissionTrackersNew6.12Nandan Giri (girin)
6802Cannot import Exported Project Data using mysql credentialsNew7.1dylan bowden (dylan)
6795Can't delgate global tracker admin permission to user for private projectsTrackersNew7.1dylan bowden (dylan)
6706Remove cross tracker searchTrackersNew6.12Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
6681SOAP API evolution for Docman exportenhancementAPI (SOAP|REST)New6.11Jean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)
6664Cannot click on Content or Planning icons on the Agile Dashboard Home Page if Release name is longAgile DashboardNew6.11Patricia Carrasco (pcar)
6656Tuleap Card Fields Error.OtherNew6.12Hari (hari)
6635Updating an artifact without status causes errorAPI (SOAP|REST)Under implementationLaurent Delaigue (ldelaigue)
6509GET /projects/:id/user_groups returns 403 Forbidden on public projectAPI (SOAP|REST)New6.11Laurent Delaigue (ldelaigue)
6402Can't modify project's description fields in administrationSite adminNew6.11Jérémy DUBRULLE (Jey10)
6378TV3 field dependencies in read-only failed only at the creationTrackersNew6.10Benjamin Dauton (bdauton)
6351SFTP READ permissions override WRITEDelivery/FTPVerified6.10Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
6329Decorator is not displayed in the read-only viewVerifiedNicolas Terray (nterray)
6279No artifacts attributes shown in Eclipse MylynAPI (SOAP|REST)New6.10bollee23 (bollee23)
6262Project tree (2)OtherNew6.10Jérémy DUBRULLE (Jey10)
6260Projects treeOtherNewJérémy DUBRULLE (Jey10)
6246Task linking does not work if there is space in the Tuleap project nameMylynAcknowledgedPatricia Carrasco (pcar)
6184Inlined images are not displayed in ForumMLMailing listsWaiting for informationNicolas Terray (nterray)
6183Anonymous FTP link is displayed even when there is no anonymous FTP spaceProject adminVerified6.10Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
6084Cross-projects artefacts reports based on semanticenhancementTrackersVerifiedAllChavet (echavet)
6019Incorrect size for titles 2 and 3 in Wiki pageDoc/WikiVerified6.9Jean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)
5910aliases and aliases.codendi : tuleap admin alias inconsistencyInstallation processNew6.8Martin Hamant (martin-h)
5825mandatory textareas are not enforced by backendTrackersNew6.9dylan bowden (dylan)
5806http vs https login and resulting mailman issueMailing listsWaiting for information6.8Martin Hamant (martin-h)
5759chcon error while installing tuleapInstallation processNew6.8Nicolas Terray (nterray) lists plugin not accessible to registered users that are not project membersForumsNew6.8dylan bowden (dylan)
5725PHP Fatal error when creating an artifact from an empty trackerTrackersNew6.8Yannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
5711Naming a field "id" breaks the reportTrackersVerifiedAllYoann Celton (jtekt)
5705Project not active is not visible in Project TreeenhancementAcknowledgedJean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)
5572Cannot multi select Milestone in a filterTrackersNewPatricia Carrasco (pcar)
5553duplicate permissions when creating a releaseDelivery/File release systemNew6.7dylan bowden (dylan)
5506Mylyn Connector 1.1.1 SOAP error on validationAPI (SOAP|REST)New6.6Eric Chowanski (ericbaca)
5503Status field displayed on card is not refreshedAgile DashboardNew6.6Patricia Carrasco (pcar)
5499Backlog item does not display in CardwallAgile DashboardNew6.8Thomas Cottier (tcottier)
5472Have universally unique identifier for artifactsTrackersNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
5469Allow to customize the subject of the artifact notifictationenhancementTrackersNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
5435The Copy ID menu option should return the base type with # for SCM commit enhancementMylynNew6.6Glyn Durban (gdurban)
5434Allow drag and drop priority in tracker content display - eg Epic user story listenhancementOtherNew6.6Glyn Durban (gdurban)
5431When you add a backlog item in a milestone content, artifact link overlay is brokenAgile DashboardNewBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)
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