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4880Wrong link in changeset done by Workflow ManagerTrackersNew6.4Nicolas Terray (nterray)
4852 Filter in Report for Computed fieldenhancementUpgrade processNewAllAmit Bhosale (amit.bhosale)
4789when I add a child artifact and I make a mistake on the artifact link before re-submitting it does nimp with artifact linkingAgile DashboardNew6.3Nicolas Terray (nterray)
4705Import of agile template leads to 2 binds for list fieldsTrackersNew6.3Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
4701getProjectDescriptionFieldsValue SOAP method only returns custom fields that have a valueAPI (SOAP|REST)New6.8dylan bowden (dylan)
4568Problem with Date field if it was created with default value "Today"MylynVerified6.2Patricia Carrasco (pcar)
4184combined/.htaccess: Invalid command 'Header'OtherNew6.8Nicolas Terray (nterray)
4170Use of ?PATTERN? without explicit operator is deprecated at (eval 204) line 1, <FILE> line 442.Verified6.1Nicolas Terray (nterray)
4166/bin/chmod: cannot access `/var/lib/dav/': No such file or directoryVerifiedNicolas Terray (nterray)
4119Chart legend over the graphTrackersVerifiedAllManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
4067Strange screen for a non-logged-in user on the top planning view of the Agile dashboardAgile DashboardNew6.2dylan bowden (dylan)
3987Fatar error when creating a wikipageDoc/WikiNew6.2Nicolas Terray (nterray)
3610Open Epics/ no more Epics instead of "user stories"Agile DashboardNew6.1Martin GOYOT (goyotm)
3589change of directory when submitting an invalid new document in docman Doc/Documentation managerNew6.1dylan bowden (dylan)
3529Breadcrumb is leaking informationAgile DashboardVerifiedAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
3518SVN Backup pb on Windows serverenhancementSCM/SubversionNew6.0Jean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)
3477ROOT_DAILY errorSite adminWaiting for information6.0Jean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)
3469[CentOS 6] Selinux - Infinite loop when registering a projectProject adminWaiting for information6.0Dominique Leducq (dleducq)
3283[Centos 6] NSCD groups lookup resultAuthentication & LDAPVerified6.0Thomas Cottier (tcottier)
3258Centos6 ForumML log file errorMailing listsVerified6.0Thomas Cottier (tcottier)
2911Rank cards in cardwall rendererenhancementTrackersNewAllManon Midy (mmidy)
2863Same name values in select box field and cardwall problem.TrackersVerifiedThomas Cottier (tcottier)
2379Warning + notices while creating new project and the template is a project with wiki enabled.Project adminVerified (disabled)5.9Nouha Terzi (terzino)
2192Cannot sort the Gantt rendererTrackersVerified (disabled)5.8Yann BARRAULT (ybarrault)
2191Charts renderer datasourceenhancementAcknowledgedYann BARRAULT (ybarrault)
2165French documentation not available for new installDoc/Documentation managerVerified (disabled)5.8Thomas Cottier (tcottier)
1939Online code editing inside TuleapSCM/GitNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
1879Card not refreshed when dragged 2 timesAgile DashboardNew5.7Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
1872Notices on tracker duplication when dependencies involve usersNew6.8Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
1868tuleap-devel get posts from email-not-found@tuleap.netNewManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
1747Duplicated ID for li element on cardwallNewYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
1664Links not clickables in Forum MLMailing listsVerifiedMartin GOYOT (goyotm)
1546Login to post a new threadMailing listsNewManon Midy (mmidy)
1339Sub artifact creation: not auto linking to parentNewJohan Martinsson (johan)
1129Some images/charts are not generated for restricted usersOtherVerified (disabled)Marc Dumais (marc.dumais)
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